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Making Central Launceston a people-focused, vibrant and magnetic hub


Cityprom works in partnership with its member businesses in Central Launceston to create a vibrant hub for people to live, work, shop, trade, learn, invest, engage, enjoy and experience. 

Using a combination of approaches and working with a wide range of stakeholders, we work to develop and maintain Launceston’s reputation as a great regional city. 

We have a dedicated volunteer board and a passionate, productive and experienced team.

Since inception in 1988 we have evolved to be the contemporary and collaborative organisation we are today. We look forward to working with you to further enhance Central Launceston.



  • To make Central Launceston a people-focused, vibrant and magnetic hub.


  • By developing and implementing immediate, and longer-term strategies under the framework of Activation, Advocacy and Advisory
  • Partnering with members to create an environment where they can thrive.


  • Activation: Developing and supporting events, campaigns, place-making and activities that attract people and inspire people to love Central Launceston
  • Advocacy: Representing our members on issues so that owning and operating a business in Launceston is easier
  • Advisory: Supporting our members by helping them do what they do best.

Our services and areas of expertise fall under three distinct categories - Activation, Advocacy and Advisory. These are designed to not only create a vibrant and progressive city centre, but also to deliver optimum outcomes for the wide variety of businesses within our membership.


  • Support and facilitate events that form a regular calendar, are diverse and attract a wide range of people through the VIBE! Program
  • Marketing and promotion that:
    • Is aimed at diverse target markets
    • Increases visitation and vibrancy
    • Highlights Launceston's strengths
    • Builds the City's sense of community.
  • Foster the ideas and passion of members and stakeholders
  • Identify, facilitate and create precincts and neighbourhood clusters and build networks
  • Support and prototype placemaking actions that create streetscapes and public spaces that people want to be in
  • Promote and improve pedestrian access, walkability and liveability
  • Continue to host and build community events.


  • Be a strong voice for issues that affect doing business in Central Launceston
  • Supporting broad and holistic strategies that make significant positive change. e.g.:
    • City Deal and the University move
    • Inner-City Living
    • CityHeart Project.
  • Seek broad and clear consensus
  • Facilitate open and balanced debate
  • Build community, partnerships and open forums
  • Address our members' core issues
  • Engage with and leverage from partnerships that create sustainable outcomes. e.g.:
  • Promote the good-news stories.


  • Find and deliver skills development opportunities for members
  • Gather the evidence and collect supporting data
  • Support the sharing of knowledge through forums and other outlet
  • Connect members.


  • Be an agency of action
  • Be approachable and collaborative; our greatest achievements will occur when we work in partnerships
  • Be ambitious, agile and challenge traditional thinking
  • Leverage from partnerships to make a bigger impact
  • Find and share the positive
  • Seek evidence and expertise, make data-driven decisions.

For a downloadable and printable version of the Strategic Plan 2019-2022, click here.

Contact Us

Level 1, 63 Cameron Street,
Launceston Tas 7250

PO Box 1441, Launceston Tas 7250

Phone: 03 6334 3321

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