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A New Direction

Launceston has undergone continual change since Cityprom's establishment and is currently undergoing possibly its most significant change with a number of key developments, particularly the University of Tasmania's Inveresk precinct, and evolving patterns of use driven by technology, education and demographics.

It is essential that Cityprom remains relevant to the changing ecosystem of the central city area and its goals closely align with those of City of Launceston.

Our New Purpose

To ensure Central Launceston is a vibrant hub for people to live, work, learn, invest, engage, enjoy and experience, through developing and implementing strategies that encourage creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable economic growth, establishing Launceston as a great regional city.

How will we do this?

  • Be the lead agency who focuses solely on the Central Launceston Area and drives growth and development strategies particularly those outlined in the Greater Launceston Plan, CityDeal, Horizon 2021 and the City Heart Project, working in partnership with CoL and other key agencies and stakeholders .
  • Focusing our investment into strategic projects that create longer-term growth and broader impact in Launceston’s innercity whilst maintaining activations that have greater engagement from Cityprom stakeholders .
  • Expand the current boundaries during an initial 12 month period and moving to a 4 year service agreement with 3 year working budgets after the initial 12 month transition.
  • Facilitate inner city precinct development.
  • Improve connectivity and pedestrianisation across the precincts of the whole of Central Launceston .
  • Greater focus on leveraging from partnerships and creating synergy through shared initiatives .
  • Under the CoL strategies there are a number of Strategic Frameworks and Policy initiatives that would be ideally suited to be driven by an independent agency whose sole focus is the Central City.
  • Provide a contemporary creative bureaucracy for Launceston that employs evidence based strategies for inner city revitalisation .
  • Advocate for Central Launceston by being a single voice for inner city businesses and facilitating communication between stakeholders.

Find out more about Cityprom's Future Strategy 2018-2022


What is Cityprom?

Cityprom Limited was formed in 1988 as an agreement between theCity of Launceston (CoL) and a group of retailers to encourage the promotion and development of the central business district. Cityprom brings together city retailers,hospitality, professionalservicesand civic authorities to ensure the city centre remains the focal point of Launceston and the regional hub of Northern Tasmania.

Our Funding

CoL collect funds for Cityprom based on theassessed annual value (AAV) of each commercial property. These funds, based on theAAVof the land contained within the Cityprom boundaries, are allocated to Cityprom to undertake our objectives. Cityprom is required to present an annual budget and calendar of events to CoL for approval in order to access the funding.

Our Members

We have an executive board of 8 members, one full-time andtwo part-time staff members. Cityprom has over four hundred members within the CBD boundaries; this includes retail, hospitality, tourism, beauty, education and professional service businesses.


Cityprom is defined by a boundary area that was determined in 1988 when it was initially set up by a group of businessmen. If your business falls within the boundary area, you are automatically a Cityprom member. Membership fees are collected by the City of Launceston, based on the AAV rate. In 2014, this rate was 1.5%.

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So, don’t be shy…

We want to hear from you, our members, to make sure that we are assisting you the best we can. It is important to us that we receive any information or feedback regarding your business and how Cityprom can assist you now and in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us.



Contact Us

Level 1, 63 Cameron Street,
Launceston Tas 7250

PO Box 1441, Launceston Tas 7250

Phone: 03 6334 3321

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