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20 Facts about DEN

Ree & Johno share 20 facts about DEN.

Enjoy reading and getting to know the people behind DEN with these 20 facts:

1) Our names are Ree and Johno. We're the owners, managers, comedians and dream team behind the store. 

2) It is soon approaching our 3rd year in business! 

3) Den is home to over 130 Australian handmade brands. 

4) Our shop dog Rubi is a jack russell x rotweiler.

5) Between the two of us, we're devoloping 5 businesses, all interacting with each other.

6) In the future, we hope to open one or two more Den stores across Tasmania. 

7) Johno is a qualified high school teacher, specialising in Art, Music, Design + Technology and Robotics.

8) In 2014, he chose to leave his position and set foot in the world of graphic design and started Black Marketing + Creative. 

9) Ree worked in a local supermarket for 5 years before quitting, moving to the seaside and starting her handmade label, Burrowed. 

10) John loves puns and "dad jokes" and thinks they're hilarious.

11) Ree does not.

12) We never thought we'd last longer than our initial 8 week stint as a pop-up shop. 

13) That said, it hasn't been an any easy ride. Some days it feels easier to throw in the towel than continue on. But we do so anyway and it always works out. 

14) Ree is little (5'2") and Johno is big (6'2").

15) Ree really likes maltesers!

16) Johno does not. 

17) The best part about the store is all the fun and interesting people we get to meet. 

18) We probably drink too much coffee and eat too many croissants from Sweetbrew.

19) Instagram is our favourite form of social media. 

20) It was actually quite difficult to write this. 20 facts doesn't seem like so many until you start writing.


Visit Ree & Johno at DEN, 95 George Street, Launceston.


*20 Facts taken from Den Facebook Page.
Contact Us

Level 1, 63 Cameron Street,
Launceston Tas 7250

PO Box 1441, Launceston Tas 7250

Phone: 03 6334 3321

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